The Manakamana Fund

was started in 1990 by several Peace Corps volunteers who wanted to help a few of the girls they had taught in high school to go on to college. They named it after the popular wish-fulfilling goddess Manakamana Devi, whose temple in Gorkha is one of Nepalís most important pilgrimage sites. Over the years the Fund has grown from 3 recipients to more than 60.

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Geeta Manandhar, a language teacher and womenís activist, is the mainstay of the organization and does all of the administrative work. Pam Ross (who lived in Nepal for 25 years) is the main fundraiser and bookkeeper.

Manakamana Fund is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the US, with a 3-person board: Pam Ross, Janet Rockwell and Vicki Leeds. And the Manakamana Foundation is a registered non-profit organization in Nepal, so all donations are fully tax deductible. Our budget for the 2018 year was $37,000, raised through private donations and the sale of our English-Nepali-Tibetan photo calendar.