The Manakamana Fund

was started in 1990 by several Peace Corps volunteers who wanted to help a few of the girls they had taught in high school to go on to college. They named it after the popular wish-fulfilling goddess Manakamana Devi, whose temple in Gorkha is one of Nepalís most important pilgrimage sites. Over the years the Fund has grown from 3 recipients to more than 60.

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Geeta Manandhar, a language teacher and womenís activist, is the mainstay of the organization and does most of the administrative work. Pam Ross (who lived in Nepal for 25 years) and Manohari Upadhyaya, a Nepali educator, are the other members of the committee.

Manakamana Fund is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization in the US, with a 3-person board: Pam Ross, Janet Rockwell and Vicki Leeds. And the Manakamana Foundation is a registered non-profit organization in Nepal, so all donations are fully tax deductible. Our budget for the 2018 year was $37,000, raised through private donations and the sale of our English-Nepali-Tibetan photo calendar.